Falling Whistles visits The brpr Group.

Today I was truly moved by a conversation with the founder of  Falling Whistles, Sean Carraso.

The brpr Group has been representing Falling Whistles in the digital space for a few months now, but I had not yet had the opportunity to sit down with Sean in person. Up to this point, all of our conversations had taken place via Skype, as most of the time he is in L.A and I am in Miami, NYC, or San Francisco.  Sean ended his recent tour with Falling Whistles right here in Miami after driving across this great nation of ours and educating people on the genocide in the Congo, and what we as a country and a generation can do to help.

I realized in my listening to him how social media would serve as an incredible vehicle in creating a community of whistle blowers for peace and igniting a movement to manufacture conflict free products, clean of the blood of innocent people, and how much I very much want to be a leader in this effort. It is such an amazing time to be in the business of creative social media communication, and the fact that we are able to become active advocates in an effort to unite the world behind causes that will certainly substantively improve the life of all of us as a collective, is beyond exciting.

I think that there are so many ways to marry great global brands with initiatives that will catalyze responsible business practices and motivate these great companies in creating products with that in mind. What a great karmic and cyclical process to be fortunate enough to participate in.

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