WORKSPACE DESIGN MAGAZINE “The brpr Group: “Agency of The Future”

The brpr Group is committed to unbridled creativity, unencumbered by limit in imagination and their new office space in the prestigious Design District of Miami, Florida reflects that tenet. The Design District, better known as “The Soho of the south” is the hot bed for art and entertainment and serves as ground zero for the world famous Art Basel’s American winter outpost and surrounding satellite fairs. The brpr Group’s office makes a huge statement about open space, inviting direct contact with the team that comprises the agency collective. Twenty-five foot ceilings and polished concrete floors seem to initially convey the expected for an agency comprised solely of Gen- X and Millennials, but look a bit closer and that’s where the similarities end. Most ad agencies you might find a fooseball table or basketball hoop, in stark contrast, at The brpr Group, there is an obvious obsession with minimalism and stunning beauty. The office space is of a museum standard that you might expect in a contemporary art museum in Manhattan. Their agency logo greets you at the front door flanked by floor to ceiling glass ,with a mantra that concludes with” welcome to the cult”. 17’ foot sheer white curtains , not so subtly reminiscent of Philip Stark and The Delano Hotel, is the only wall separating “the last supper” conference table, in pearl white glass, from the common area of the office that is divided into giant workstation pinewood pods , with a velvet red Roche Boise collector sofa.  A black and white photo,that of the agency mascot, a 3 yr old boxer named Cooper, keeps watchful vigil over the 12 employees that call The brpr Group home.  The agency boast a strict adherence to ancient Chinese Feng Shui principles, as evidenced in the observation of zero clutter in sight and an entire wall outfitted in patented white board paint that seems to suspend ideas in mid wall air. The brpr Group exemplifies  the evolution in what is the creative work space of the future; most certainly for ad agencies that are fortunate enough to include exquisite taste as a welcomed supplement to their roster of services.

  • 09.25.11
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